Why is my meter box full of dirt?

It is very common for meter boxes to become filled with dirt, leaves and other yard debris. There are many factors that contribute to this. Meter boxes are generally slightly lower than ground level and are also typically at lower spots so all run off makes it into the meter box. Even when a meter box is cleaned out, it is common to find the meter covered the following month. All it takes is a good rain or watering of the lawn for dirt to resettle in your meter box. Dirt over the meter does not mean your meter is not being read, most meters are read electronically.. It is the resident’s responsibility to keep the meter box free of garbage cans, boxes, piles of yard waste, parked vehicles or anything else that would cause a meter to be inaccessible. Please do not install fences, lawn decorations, or plant trees or shrubs which restrict access to the meter.

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