How accurate are the water meters?

All meters are calibrated and tested in the factory before they are shipped. The American Water Works Association requires meters to be within 98.5 and 101.5% accuracy to be usable. This allows for an error rate of 1.5% low or high. Much like an automobile, the meter slows down and eventually can stop registering completely, but it cannot arbitrarily run faster than it was designed to run. The mechanical parts are not capable of “speeding up” or registering a significantly higher reading than actual.  A meter registering 10,000 cubic feet of usage when the usage was actually 2,000 cubic feet would be like a vehicle with a maximum speed of 100 mph suddenly being able to run at speeds of 500 mph, it isn’t mechanically possible. There is no need to be concerned if your meter readings are somewhat inconsistent. It is common for your water bill to fluctuate a little from month to month.

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