School Resource Officer

Branion - Cropped

A School Resource Officer (SRO) is a deterrent to criminals entering our schools as well as criminal behavior by those on campus.  They work with the school administration to ensure the best possible physical security for students and staff.  They are a liaison who works to build relationships with the students, parents, and staff and someone the students can learn to turn to with questions or concerns.  The SRO acts as a counselor, role model, and mentor who embodies someone that can be trusted.  The building of this image and relationship can translate to all Brookings Police Department officers outside of the schools to develop good working relationships with youth so officers are seen as someone who can help them when they are in need.

"Being able to interact with students shows them that Law Enforcement is on their side. They know that they can come to me with whatever questions they may have and I will be able to guide them appropriately with the best answers.

It is exciting to take a walk through Kalmiopsis Elementary School. I get a lot of smiles and high fives. I am well greeted by all of the students as they are excited about telling me how they want to become a Police Officer when they grow up.

I am very grateful to have this opportunity to protect our kids of the future. "

- SRO Branion