Water & Wastewater Treatment


The City's water and wastewater treatment facilities are contracted out to the Jacobs CH2M company. 

The water facility treats between 350 to 400 million gallons of water per year. Water quality testing is performed using State certified labs and the City's to ensure that consumers receive the best water quality possible. Each year, the City produces a Consumer Confidence Report (PDF) (CCR) on the quality of the City's drinking water.

2014 Water Master Plan Update

WWFP Preliminary Engineering Report - Dyer 2019

The City's wastewater treatment facility treats over 500 million gallons a year. It also processes biosolids, a by-product of the treatment process, in its new dewatering facility.

Take a video tour of the Wastewater Treatment Plant! Part I   Part II

For a physical tour of the water or wastewater treatment plants, please call 541-412-0424.