Emergency Preparedness

Preparing for Emergencies

The City encourages its residents and visitors to be prepared in the event of a major disaster, such as an earthquake or tsunami.

Brookings is a great place to live and visit and the ocean is a major attraction. The ocean can also be unpredictable and in the event of an earthquake or tsunami, knowing what to do to protect yourself on the beach, is vital.

The following two videos, from the Office of Emergency Management and Ready.gov, provide valuable information about what to do in the event of an earthquake or a tsunami if you are in the tsunami inundation zone (PDF), and about building and maintaining an emergency disaster kit. 

In the Event of a Tsunami

Warnings - In the event of a tsunami warning, the City siren will be activated.  If you hear a series of siren blasts and are located in a tsunami inundation zone (PDF), or anytime you feel an earthquake, do not wait...move immediately to higher ground.

Be Prepared - Residents living in a tsunami inundation zone should have a weather alert radio capable of receiving tsunami watch and warning advisories.

Partner AgenciesIt is also important to know that, when a disaster strikes, the City is not alone. Other agencies and non-profit organizations, such as the Curry County Emergency Services Office and Red Cross, partner with the City to provide emergency services like food and shelter during major disasters and offer assistance in creating family and neighborhood emergency plans. You can contact the Curry County Emergency Services Office at (541) 247-3208.